Page created - August 5, 2014. Once when the message is received by the health center, they enforce their team with necessary first aid to the current location to save the sewer laborer. Measured results show that the antenna has a tuning range from 4.76 to 5.51 GHz, a fractional tuning range of 14.6%, radiation efficiency and a realized peak gain of more than 80% and 5 dBi, respectively, across the tuning range. "Panimalar engineering college is one of the finest private educational institutions of Chennai. We intend a novel monitoring problem, Efficient Notification of Meeting Points (ENMP) for multiple moving users: given a group of moving users U, a set of points of interest (POI) P, ENMP continuously information the optimal meeting point po∈ P to users in U such that their maximum distance toward pois minimized. Tremendous growth of multimedia technologies mandates the need for high quality images. Also show the result of heart rate of beats per minute (bpm) based on the R-R interval (peaks) calculation. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.V.D.Ambeth Kumar. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.S.Malathi, Student Name : Sowmiya. It has an advanced curriculum which not only develops students learning knowledge theoretical from the esteemed faculties, but it also helps them to get an insight of the industry through the exposure of industrial experts and practical learning experiences. S Network security issue for the most part incorporates and organize network and information security. The Department boasts of highly qualified and experienced professionals with wide exposure in all aspects of the subjects they handle. Domain : Networking The algorithm used for image categorization may misclassify images that are visually similar to the positive ones. S The Internet of Things(IoT) represents a vision in which the Internet extends into a real world embracing everyday objects. Once this system is established for a particular user this will completely become fully automated doesn’t need any other additional people for monitoring and alerting purpose. The electrodes are made from a flexible ink and can be painted on to the device casing, making it adaptable for different shapes and users. This system can be used in animal survey processes, voice storage audio book applications to identify different animal voices in the future with more accuracy. The method is based on nonlinear anisotropic diffusion filtering and hybrid segmentation. Cloud computing provides a versatile and convenient approach for knowledge sharing, that bring varied edges for each the society and people. About Using IoT in designing some special services can make a lifesaver system. A speaker dependent system is a system which can recognize speech from one particular speaker. The complete system is controlled and monitored through internet. Hence this paper aims at providing parents with a sense of security for their child in today’s time. The pleural space is segmented by parietal pleura extraction and visceral pleura extraction. Speech recognition is classified as isolated, continuous, dependent and independent. The pleural level can be detected manually which is time consuming. The details of driving license and Aadhar card data can be combined using the MapReduce Counters. Contact In particular, it alludes to the unwavering quality of system framework, classification, uprightness and accessibility of information data in the network. The overall dimension of the antenna is (130*130*1.64) mm. Company. Manual labeling of negatives could be avoided by using the efficient negative bootstrap algorithm. This review has been done in the point of view of authorize the mixture of a segmentation type for MRI and CT images. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.K.Valarmathi, Student Name : Ramya. G The proposed antenna gives the reflection coefficient of -16.8dB, -36.94dB and -27.73dB respectively in simulation. In applications similar like a social networking services and online games, multiple moving users form a group and wish to be continuously notified with the best meeting point from their locations. We're Hiring Bangalore Trunk Road, Varadharajapuram, Poonamallee, Chennai – 600 123. It includes research and implementation techniques that empower the identification, recognition and translation of speech detected into text by computers.