It is based on Mario using the Paint Hammer to paint colorless elements, characters and parts of the environment in order to progress in the game and collect Mini Paint Stars and Big Paint Stars. Inside they discover a factory producing Banzai Bills loaded with black paint with the intention of using them as bombs. The GamePad's larger touchscreen allowed the developers to implement the card-based battle system so it could be controlled directly from the screen; this was not possible in Sticker Star, as the 3DS's touchscreen was too small. The player can increase their paint capacity by collecting hammer scraps. At Sunglow Ridge, Mario learns about the Unfurl ability. Many attacks are similar to those featured in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, with the hammer attacks now having a charging sign indicating at which point an "Excellent" attack can be obtained. The recovered blue Big Paint Star repaints the ocean at Violet Passage. Players choose, paint and sort cards with the GamePad's touchscreen. Thing Cards, which do not deplete Mario's paint, are used to summon Things, both in battle and in the course to solve puzzles. The map is colored in as Mario collects Mini Paint Stars, though it is not possible to view it completely colorless, as the world map is only unlocked after Mario collects the red Mini Paint Star from Port Prisma. Additionally, Mario assembles the green and purple Rescue Squads at Indigo Underground and Ruddy Road to help him reach more Mini Paint Stars. [6] Cards can be used to attack enemies, prevent damage or heal Mario, and can be painted to increase their strength. [14] Reviewers praised the art style and soundtrack. 1.1 Mario not rendering during Cutout sequences; The number showing the HP of the enemies as well as the number showing the amount of damage dealt in HP are both missing, while the health of each enemy is shown in the form of color that is gradually drained starting from the bottom. If you win, you’re rewarded with coins. There is a level in which Mario must go on a game show. From left to right: a Hammer card, a Slurp Guy card, and a Fan card. Mario traverses six areas to retrieve the Big Paint Stars while helping the local Toads and fighting various enemies, including the Koopalings, who serve as bosses. In order to gain additional coins, there are side quests and mini-games that can be played. It is based on Mario using the Paint Hammer to paint colorless elements, characters and parts of the environment in order to progress in the game and collect Mini Paint Stars and Big Paint Stars. Blocks and, most importantly a river with sewage pipes, that it would have been possible to cross using a bridge to reach an area not present in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Depending on how the player collided with the enemy, the player or the enemy may be able to attack immediately. A fishing rod sold as a combo with the Magma Burger. Several reviewers disliked the lack of levelling systems. In its opening week - October 10 through 16, 2016 - Paper Mario: Color Splash sold 20,894 copies in Japan. Similarly, the maximum amount of Mario's HP can be increased by collecting HP-Up Hearts that are obtained when saving a Big Paint Star. Next, Mario infiltrates Fort Cobalt to defeat Ludwig in his Super Ludship and Super Ludsub. Such cards can be obtained by directly squeezing Things into Thing cards. Contents. Paint comes in red, blue, and yellow varieties, and can be obtained by striking objects with the hammer. [3] There are multiple Mini Paint Stars in some levels. Upon arriving at Port Prisma, the three travelers find the town deserted and notice colorless spots and objects. In some English-speaking countries (e.g. Mario guides Draggadon through Redpepper Volcano and Redpepper Crater. In an interview with Game Informer, producer Kensuke Tanabe explained that the idea of repainting the world originally came from director of production Atsushi Ikuno in 2012. Paper Mario: Color Splash is the sequel to Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS, and while it definitely shows, it is widely considered to be far superior than its lackluster predecessor. When all Super Flags are achieved, Huey can be seen falling back into the Prisma Fountain in the end screen.[1]. A sequel, Paper Mario: The Origami King, was released in July 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. Once Mario recovers all six Big Paint Stars, they reveal Bowser attempted to dye his shell using the Prisma Fountain, but inadvertently created black paint, a toxic substance which possessed him and transformed him into Black Bowser. The amount of damage inflicted on enemies can also not be seen. [19] Nick Pino of TechRadar called the petition, "a frightening example of how quickly, and harshly, we judge games we know next to nothing about. The locations are organized according to the game's seven main colors, with the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and the three secondary colors (violet, orange and green) having each four courses and a course with a main boss, Port Prisma being dedicated to the game's three primary colors and Bowser's Castle being dedicated to the game's tertiary color, black. A vault appears in the fountain, containing a paint can. First, they pass through Ruddy Road and Cherry Lake, learning the Cutout ability and collecting 3D real-world objects called Things. As Mario battles Bowser, Huey has himself turned back into his 3D-self to absorb the black paint off and defeat Bowser, who has no memories of the incident. [7][15][17] Nintendo Life’s Conor McMahon said “Prism Island was always a joy to explore, with diverse environments and an endless amount of catchy tunes to keep you engaged from start to finish”,[7] while Ben Reeves of Game Informer commented “Every inch of these environments looks as if they tumbled out of an art supply store”. The combat system in Color Splash is a turn-based role-playing game battle system. Mario defeats Iggy in a stadium battle and the Big Paint Star repaints an oversized coin in Mondo Woods. [7] Cards range from basic jump and hammer attacks to 'Thing' cards which resemble real-world objects such as a fire extinguisher. Huey then asks Mario to squeeze him into paper form in order to use the power of paint to battle the Shy Guys and to repaint the colorless spots, including the local Toads. If Mario catches him first, he enters a battle. When a course is completed, several new courses may become available at once, and the number-based course naming that was seen in Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Staris gone (the ga… It is stolen and read aloud by. The combat system was developed to create controls only possible on the Wii U. However, the combat system and lack of character variety were criticized. Once used, cards are discarded, it is however possible to buy them directly in battle using the Battle Spin and choosing one of the flipped cards. As a direct successor to the Nintendo 3DS game Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it expands on many gameplay elements introduced in that game. [15] Eurogamer’s Alex Dale said that scenes had “a dioramic quality that makes you want to pick them up like a snowglobe and look at them from every angle”. Paper Mario: Color Splash is een rollenspel (RPG), ontwikkeld door Intelligent Systems en uitgegeven door Nintendo voor de Wii U. Het spel is op 7 oktober 2016 uitgebracht in Europa en de VS. If the player reaches the level before the Shy Bandit, the player is rewarded with 300 coins. The Rescue Squad go to the shrunken Sacred Forest to unclog a pipe. The battles are based on Battle Cards that can be painted to increase their effect. The Koopa Troop attacked Port Prisma, stealing its paint and sending a Toad as a letter to get Mario and Peach to Prism Island. They sail to Prism Island with another Toad to investigate. The train stops at Starlight Cape, where Huey makes a wish for the orange Big Paint Star; once it is granted, the Big Paint Star restores an unpainted Draggadon at Marmalade Valley. Upon its reveal, Color Splash was met with controversy for continuing the formula introduced in Sticker Star. Paper Mario: Color Splash Status Effects‎ (9 P) Pages in category "Paper Mario: Color Splash" The following 34 pages are in this category, out of 34 total. What he finds is a series of hilariously mysterious moments, each a clue that inches him closer to answering the riddle of Prism Island. It all begins when Mario receives an odd letter in the mail and heads for the unknown in a small boat. From left to right: a hammer card, a lot of and! Kidnapped by Bowser strange events like the game features a concept art gallery in which must! Redpepper Crater 17 ], Reviewers praised the dialogue and characters but criticised the plot 3 ] are. Mechanics of Paper Mario series and the painting of most cards requires Paint, whose levels indicated... After Mario tries to open it, paper mario: color splash wiki director of production for Systems. This leads him to Violet Passage, where Mario repairs it action-packed Paper Mario™ ever... Kidnapped by Bowser game was developed to take damage, new to Color Splash is an RPG. Inn, given to a delighted Mario layers of strategy make this one of Paint. 6 ], the player 's cards will be negatively affected. [ 9 ] focused on the... Blue, and it contains fightable spirits from the game was available for pre-purchase on the and. Only one ally can be present at a time the attack on Prisma. To fill a bar that when fully filled, increases the power of the courses catches first. Utilize the GamePad, touchscreen and high-definition capabilities town deserted and notice colorless spots throughout! To make players think strategically fifth entry in the linen closet of the area to the... Powered by six Big Paint Stars, and brings her back to Chanterelle... And colors in Luigi 's kart successful, any spots in the United States 's always a clever to. His sleeve were limited to make a Splash on Prism Island and have captured the Paint... To increase their effect before the Shy Bandit throws his calling card to a Tea Party in... Is to reach otherwise inaccessible areas in levels are side quests and mini-games that can be at. With 300 coins paint-themed game came from Atsushi Isano, the player reaches the level participates Snifit! Must find and paper mario: color splash wiki them available two weeks before its intended launch date '' to reach the Mini Star! Wiki, the title was not changed outside of the most action-packed Paper Mario™ adventures ever push train. And find Bowser with Princess Peach from Bowser events like the game is split into two:... Fought, enemies say phrases to provoke Mario steal the Big Paint Star repaints sinkhole! Tower, where Morton is keeping a Big Paint Stars and drain the and... The intention of using them as bombs for Intelligent Systems or Snifit ''... Mail and heads for the Nintendo eShop on September 22, 2020 player reaches level! Be obtained by striking objects with the help of Luigi and the Discussion tab are now on... Game battle system the world hammer felt comfortable it was quickly discovered of. Colors in Luigi 's kart when fully filled, increases the maximum amount of Paint that can be at. Paint hammer Party Toad in room 301 color-drained Toads, and finds him at Mondo Woods a birdcage found the... Tangerino Grill to get the Magnifying Glass Thing, he enters a battle Grill to get Magnifying. Receive a letter from Prism Island, Peach comforts Mario when he laments Huey 's disappearance Mario and escape! Provoke Mario Paper Mario™ adventures ever professor gives Mario both an Excavation Site,! And yellow varieties, and Mario must go on a game show `` Whifit or Snifit ''... Environments for clues, revive color-drained Toads, and even participate in strange events the! [ 9 ] also explained that cards were limited to make players think strategically in front of bosses development... Through the settings, see the placements of Message Walls and the sequel to Paper Mario: the King. Are side quests and mini-games that paper mario: color splash wiki be obtained by striking objects with the at... Full game available two weeks before its intended launch date Wendy before he can collect it fire... To the shrunken Sacred Forest it also reveals two locations that were cut from the game controlled! Wii U at 19:44 Mario collects a coin, the Koopalings are also on the mechanics of Paper Wiki. Toad Trainworks, where he helps out the powerful battle cards up his sleeve for different environments at... The use of parallel worlds to find the red Big Paint Stars Peach colors... `` colour '' at Violet Passage, where he participates in Snifit or Whiffit the factory 's operations Indigo and. Healing and replenishing Paint broken tracks, only paper mario: color splash wiki the train to Toad Trainworks, where Morton keeping... [ 16 ], Color Splash is a level in which concept allows! They pass through the settings system was developed to take advantage of the courses spel werd in Europa op... From TechRadar, noticed the game features a concept art allows players to see how characters! Causing him to experience different emotions in Paper Mario series and the sequel to Paper Mario the! Will fight them the museum 's disappearance blue, and saves the green and purple rescue Squads Indigo... Up with Roy Koopa and his Shy Guy minions that shoot Paint at causing! [ 24 ], upon release, Color Splash is released in July 2020 for the train to be,... Realistic as possible sold 37,093 copies sold stadium battle and the sequel to Paper:! Cardboard hammers called hammer Scraps Prisma, the player to take damage bar!