(To learn more about why I’m such a protein fan, to listen to The Protein {Bar} Episode OR The Protein {Powder} Episode.) "Unmold onto crisp greens and garnish with cucumber slices or radish roses, or use stuffed eggs and tomato wedges for garnish." Delicious savory salmon dip with dill and cottage cheese for extra protein. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/pear-cottage-cheese-salad Calories 70 kcal. Ingredients. The ingredient links below are affiliate links. Salmon.. Cold Salmon salad with Cottage Cheese . Course Snack. It is the only fish that is delicious itself. Click here to read my affiliate policy. Summer is almost here and if you want to impress with perfect sixpack at the beach you should … Apr 5, 2020 - Can't get much more vintage than a Salmon and Cottage Cheese Congealed Salad made with lemon-flavored gelatine, lemon juice, canned salmon, onion, cucumber, celery, olives, cottage cheese, and mayonnaise. Author Katie Wells. Servings 2 cups. A great appetizer or party snack or wonderful as a quick lunch. But over the years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with cottage cheese. This Cottage Cheese Egg Salad is everything I love in a good lunch recipe — quick, easy, protein-packed and tasty. First, I hated it. Despite the fact that salmon is easy to make it also has a lot of benefits like: * Helps to sleep better. You only need to add a bit of salt, pepper and few drops of lemon juice - you can already enjoy it.